24-hour Excursion to Drama

Drama, located in the region of Macedonia, welcomes you with its natural beauty and rich culture. With excellent wineries, monuments such as its mosques, museums, picturesque villages and amazing gastronomy, Drama is a unique experience worth experiencing.
Day 1:
Morning:Arrival in the area of Drama and visit to the Archaeological site of Philippi. Breakfast:Enjoy traditional flavors in the city of Drama.
Noon:Visit the Marble House/Museum of Photography to discover the history and art of photography.
Marble House/Museum of Photography
Afternoon:Visit to the Kursounlou Mosque (Holy Trinity) and the Arab Mosque (courts square) to discover the architecture and spiritual heritage of the area. 
Σαδριβάν Τζαμί
Kursounlou Mosque
Night:Dinner in a town tavern, where you will enjoy traditional culinary delicacies.
Tip: For more tours, visit the Archaeological Museum of Drama, the Hellenistic tomb and the Lisse Fort.
Day 2:
Morning:Visit to the park of Agia Varvara to enjoy the nature and the amazing view.
Park of Agia Varvara
Breakfast:Tasting of local products and dishes in the park of Agia Varvara.
Noon:Escape to the Aggitis River Cave, to explore the impressive cave-shaped rooms.
Σπήλαιο Αγγίτη Δράμας
Aggitis River Cave
Afternoon:Return to Drama for shopping and exploring the city.Night:Leaving Drama with memories of your beautiful excursion.Tip: If you have extra time, you can visit the Archaeological site of Amphipolis and the Alistratis Cave.


Tip: There are 8 visitable wineries and visitable production units in Drama, if you have more time, you can go on a wine or food trip or even go on an adventure and explore the nature of Drama through outdoor activities!

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