Rafting στον Νεστο

3 day adventure in Drama


The area of Drama is ideal for many types of activities. Its terrain offers fields suitable for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, rafting, paragliding, cycling and much more. The uniqueness of the landscapes offers an amazing view, on any excursion!


Why choose an alternative excursion to Drama?


Through outdoor activities, you can learn a more authentic side of the area! You get close to nature, learning about the way each field was created, you observe rare species of flora and fauna in their natural environment, you live your own adventure, you make new friends through shared experiences!



Detailed 3-day excursion program: From April 1st to September 30th


Places to see:



Climbing fields


Rhodope Mountains

Nestos Potamos


Day 1:


We start our day early with our guide leading us on a circular bike ride. We will tour the city and finish the tour outside our hotel where the private bus will be waiting to take us to our next adventure. After taking a short break, we transfer to Xiropotamos, where we will do a basic training and start climbing in a natural field. Our activity will last about three hours and then we will be transferred back to Drama for rest and dinner.


Day 2:


We leave Drama early in the morning and head to Volakas where we will meet our guide and head into the area’s forests by jeep. During our excursion we will see different natural landscapes with a variety of flora and fauna, many of the species we will encounter are rare and of unique natural value. We will arrive at the Forts of Ag. Nikolaou, we will visit abandoned villages in the area. In one of them, we will have lunch in nature, enjoying local flavors and wine. Our route will last from 5 to 10 hours and on our return, we will tour Volakas and have dinner at a local restaurant.


Rafting στον Νεστο

Day 3:


On our third day, we will head to the Nestos river, which we will sail, admiring its natural beauty and the lush vegetation that surrounds it. The journey takes about 2 hours. Returning to the base, we will be transferred to Paranesti, where we will have lunch with local flavors.


Tip: Take your best mood with you and ask for instructions from the professionals of the special forms of tourism in the area, so that your excursion is pleasant and safe!


Would you like to stay a few more days in Drama or do you have less time?
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