Gastronomic trip to Drama

Gastronomic trip to Drama


On your food tour in Drama, you will enjoy a variety of classic local foods, local products of the place starting with organic cheeses and traditional cured meats, you will taste delicious handmade sweets, pure olive oil and traditional vegetable preparations.

You can start from the city of Drama, visit the old streets, see some of the oldest buildings of the city and visit small shops of the market. Continuing, you will collect flavors and aromas from the production units that you can visit in the wider area. The time you will spend on each visit depends on the season and the activities you will do. You can choose a simple visit to the production facility or become a producer for a day, planting, feeding, preparing local products together with local producers, who will gladly guide you and explain in detail the production process and its specifics in area. Therefore each visit can last from one to five hours. At the end of your day you can have lunch in one of the most central restaurants of the city, with local flavors and dram wine. You can choose from a wide selection of quality wines, reds and whites or, if you prefer, local soft drinks.

Recommended production units to visit are:

The Pelechra cheese factory, with organic products, located in Petrousa. In the cheese factory, you can take a guided tour and learn details about the production process, do a tasting. During the warm months (spring and summer), you can participate in the process of feeding and milking the herd, an experience that lasts 3 to 5 hours.

Butchery “Voreios Hellas” is located just outside the city of Drama on the road to K. Nevrokopi (Terma Exeno Pontou). It is a production unit, where you can take a tour of the production areas and get to know traditional handmade sausages made from locally selected meats. The tour lasts about an hour, during which you will taste selected charcuterie. The ideal time to visit is between 12.00 and 14.00 noon and you can combine it with your visit to the cheese factory.

The “Eleftheriou” halva factory is a traditional workshop for the production of handmade halva, located in Agios Athanasios. You can combine your visit with another visit to a visitable unit or with a winery in Hadrian. During the visit you can see the production process of handmade halva or other sweets. You can also make your own cereal bars with ingredients of your choice or your own halvad bites, just like they are produced in the workshop. Your visit can last up to three hours, depending on which production process you want to be involved in.

The Malea Estate is a modern olive mill with years of experience in the field of olive cultivation and processing. At the Estate you can participate in the process of harvesting the olives, the production of the olive oil or do a tasting. The activity depends on the season. Harvesting in the area takes place from October to December, when the oil is also produced. Tasting is an experience you can live all year round. This is a very different tasting as it is not only about the taste of the oil but also about the quality, age and varieties, which you will be able to understand!

The quality of Drami’s land products starts from the seed. At the Deligianni Estate you will get to know the whole process of growing modern species of the region as well as the process of processing them into delicious dishes. As in any production, here too, everything depends on the season. Different vegetables are grown each season, which you can take care of and harvest. At the same time, you can try the products of the estate in a special tasting.

At the end of your day, don’t miss a local dinner that you will combine with local wine, in one of the tavernas or restaurants in the area! Do not miss to taste the local meats and unique combinations with local cheeses. Characteristics of the region are pastourmas, village sausages and Volaka sausages, pies, wild mushrooms and handmade pasta.

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