Park of predatory diurnal and nocturnal birds

  • Accessibility:

The Park is located in the Agora of Drama in a beautiful natural environment. With respect for visitors, the space and the hosted birds, with proper configuration, maintenance and supervision, with anticipation and interest in accessibility and service, spaces suitable for viewing and visiting were created. The Park is accessible to people with special needs and is suitable for social events, providing spectacle, employment, fun and play. The area is ideal for educational field trips for schools of all levels of education from early spring to late autumn. The experience of your visit to the park culminates with the spectacular free-flight display of the trained birds of prey. It is an unforgettable sight where the hawks that rush to the bait, fly up and descend again at speed vertically or by maneuvering.
In the Exhibition Hall, relevant videos and photographic material are displayed with Mr. Eleftheriadi’s participation in demonstrations, bird flights, his meetings with other falconers in Germany, bird equipment and accessories, types of feathers and eggs. Also, in the park area there is a refreshment stand and a playground where one can take a break and have fun.

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