The Cave of Aggit Springs: A Natural Wonder of Drama

The Cave of Aggit Springs: A Natural Wonder of Drama

In the heart of Drama, hidden in the rich nature of the area, is the Cave of Pigon Aggitis, one of the most impressive and historical caves in Greece. This cave, also known as Maara, offers its visitors a unique experience full of natural beauty and archaeological interest.

Aggitis Cave
Aggitis Cave

History and Discovery The Aggitis Springs Cave has been explored since 1978 and opened its doors to the public in 2001. Local legends and traditions spoke of its existence long before its discovery. The cave has been used since ancient times, as evidenced by the archaeological findings that have been found in the area.

Geological Features The cave is part of a large karst system that extends below Falakro mountain. The Aggitis River flows through the cave, creating an underground river about 21 kilometers long. The continuous flow of water has formed impressive stalagmites and stalactites, which adorn the cave rooms.

Visiting the Aggitis Springs Cave is an exciting experience that reveals the imposing beauty of underground nature. Visitors begin their tour at the main entrance, crossing a bridge that crosses the underground river. The cave rooms are lit in a way that highlights the natural forms and details of the geological formations.

While touring, visitors will see large sculpture-like stalactites, formations created over thousands of years by the slow and steady flow of water. The sound of flowing water adds to the atmosphere of the calm and serenity that characterizes the cave.

The Cave is not only a geological wonder, but also an important ecological reserve. The river water is clean and rich in oxygen, providing an ideal environment for various species of flora and fauna. Microorganisms, bats and other animals find refuge in the dark parts of the cave, creating an ecosystem that has been evolving for centuries.

The Aggiti Springs Cave is an important tourist destination that attracts thousands of visitors every year. The area around the cave has been developed for tourism, offering facilities such as cafes, restaurants and recreational areas. In addition, the cave hosts educational programs, promoting environmental awareness and love of nature.

The Aggitis Springs Cave is a treasure of the natural and cultural heritage of Drama. Visiting it offers a mesmerizing experience of exploring the underground beauty and geological history of the area. With its rich history, impressive geological formations and unique ecological value, the cave is a destination not to be missed. If you find yourself in Drama, do not miss to visit this natural wonder and discover its hidden beauties.

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