Weekend in Drama

Your trip to Drama will be full of interesting activities and attractions that will please the whole family.Here is a program that includes the recommended visits: Day 1:After arriving in Drama, start your excursion with a visit to the Birds of Prey Park in the Agora of Drama . You will have the opportunity to see impressive birds of prey and learn more about their nature and conservation.Afterwards, you can visit the Natural History Museum in Paranesti. There you will discover a collection of impressive natural history exhibits and learn more about the fauna and flora of the area.In the afternoon, go to Saint Barbara Park in the city of Drama. The park has beautiful walkways and ponds where you can enjoy your time with children and relax in a natural environment. Don’t miss a visit to the Marble House/Photographic Museum and the Rhodope Information Center located in the park. At the same time, you can visit the homonymous Church of Agia Varvara.Continue to enjoy the gastronomy of Drama. There are many local taverns and restaurants offering traditional flavors and dishes. Don’t forget to try local delicacies and delicacies.
Πάρκο Αγίας Βαρβάρας Δράμας
Saint Barbara Park
Day 2:Start the second day with a visit to the Folk Art Museum in Micropolis. There you will come face to face with traditional crafts, handmade items and local items. Close to the area you can visit the Aggitis River Cave, an impressive river cave that is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Continuing, head to Lisse Fort in Kato Nevrokopi, to get to know the history of the area.At the end of your day, you can visit the Archaeological Site of Philippi to discover the ancient history of the area. You will have the opportunity to see archaeological exhibits and learn more about the ancient city of Philippi.On your departure, you can enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and buy gifts and local products.
Ancient theater of Philippoi
Tip: This Drama excursion proposal will allow you to enjoy a variety of family-friendly activities and attractions. You will have the opportunity to explore nature, learn about the history and culture of the area and enjoy the local gastronomy.Would you like to stay a few more days in Drama? Then let yourself be inspired by our proposal for a four-day trip!
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