Wine trip to Drama

Wine trip to Drama

4-day wine trip to the Land of Dionysus

Why take the wine trip to Drama? Drama is a combination of relaxation and wine experiences It is aimed at small groups of travelers

Places we will visit Routes of Dionysus Wineries of Drama

Wines we will try Assyrtiko, Roditis, Malagouzia, Muscat of Alexandria, Robola, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Semillion, Trebbiano, Viognier, Agiorgitiko, Limnio, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Nebbiolo, Refosco, Syrah, Tempranillo

Drama food and wine experience Drama has two main vineyard areas, which have a special climate and produce wines with a distinct character and a unique identity. Here you will learn about the strong influence of Dionysus, taste local food and wine and experience authentic Dramian hospitality. You will be filled with wonderful memories and unique experiences!

Day 1 : The first stop of the day is in Mikrohori for a tour and tasting at the Wine Art Estate. Continue to Philippi, where you’ll learn about the rich history of the site at the archaeological site open daily 8:00am–3:30pm. Then return to Drama and get to know the city on a short, walking tour and walk to the park of Agia Varvara where you can visit the homonymous church and admire the buildings of the old town. For dinner you can choose one of the restaurants in the area and choose dishes with local flavors.

Day 2 : Tour of local wineries Depart early in the morning to Andriani. Andriani, although better known for wine production today, is the newest grape-growing area of Drama. Various grape varieties are grown in the area. You can visit the wineries that characterize the viticulture of the region. Such as the Costas Lazaridis Estate, the Manolesakis Estate, the Nikos Lazaridis Estate and the Oinogenesis Estate. Each tour will last approximately one hour and for better service, it is advisable to make an appointment. Before returning to Drama, you can visit the Nocturnal and Diurnal Birds of Prey Park located in the Agora of Drama, close to the wineries. For dinner choose local dishes in one of the taverns of the old town.

Day 3 : Sanctuary of Dionysus and Tasting A day dedicated to Dionysus! After your breakfast, depart for the area of Prosotsani to visit the Sanctuary of Dionysos, where you will be guided and learn about the influence of the god Dionysos in the area and viticulture. You can then head to the Oenops winery where you will taste unique local wines and learn a little more about their production in the area. If you have time, you can combine a visit to the river Cave of Aggitis, which is a jewel of the area and operates daily 10.30 – 17.00. On your return to Drama you can have lunch in one of the taverns of Prosotsani, where you will find a variety of local meats.

Day 4 :  Start your day early and head towards K. Nevrokopi, there you will visit the Lisse Fort which adorns the area with its importance in the history of the place. Then you can visit Alistrati, where you will discover one of the most beautiful Caves in Greece, richly decorated in rare formations and many colors. Alternatively, you can make a more dynamic excursion on the Agitis River by rafting in a lush landscape. Finally, don’t forget to get to know the nightlife of Drama, through the elegant bars or night clubs of the city!

Tip! On your departure, do not miss a visit to the Archaeological site of Amphipolis!

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